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Hostel Rules

Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa, New Delhi – 110012.

Hostel – Code of Conduct

  1. On arrival a student will report to the Warden and will take possession of the room after signing the inventory of the furniture, electrical and other items in the room.
  2. At the end of each semester, the students shall vacate his/ her room within three days after the final examination of the course is over and hand over the charge of the room, including all items, on the inventory to the Care-taker or any other official of the hostel authorized by the Warden.
  3. The following acts/ items are forbidden inside the hostel premises:
    1. Ragging in any form
    2. Any act of intimidation or violence
    3. Willful damage to the property
    4. Drinker or riotous behavior
    5. Use or consumption of narcotics or alcoholic baverages
    6. Gambling
    7. Smoking
    8. Use of unauthorized electrical gadgets
    9. Cooking/ Making tea etc.
    10. Pasting of posters, writing on walls or defacing the hostel in any form.
    11. Shouting, calling out, whistling or singing aloud
    12. Firearms, daggers, cycle chains, rods or any kind of weapons
  4. Use of audio equipments is acceptable only if it is not objectionable to other residents.
  5. Day scholars and guests are not allowed in the hostel.
  6. The hostel dues shall be paid as per the directives of the Management.
  7. Students are not allowed to be outside the hostel after 09:00 PM without prior permission from the Warden.
  8. Hostlers are responsible for keeping their rooms and the common areas in the hostel clean and tidy at all times. Hostel furniture must not be moved without permission of the Warden.
  9. All fans, lights and other electrical appliances must be switched off when not in use.
  10. Hostel Management reserves the right to make spot checks of the rooms and the common area without giving prior notice to the students.
  11. Hostlers are advised to lock all doors at all times for security reasons. The hostel management is not responsible for any loss of private property.
  12. Hostlers are not permitted to change their rooms or sleep anywhere else other than in their own room.
  13. Hostel Management reserves the right to change the rooms of the students if so required.
  14. Pets are not allowed in the hostel premises.
  15. Hostlers are not allowed to keep any vehicles other than bicycles.
  16. Hostlers are not allowed to undertake any part-time or full time job or join part time courses without the approval of the Hostel Warden.
  17. Hostlers have to maintain 75% attendance in the classes, below which they will not be allotted hostel facility in the next semester. In case the monthly attendance in class falls below 75%, the students may be asked to vacate the hostel immediately.
  18. In case of prolong illness, injury or accident, the local guardian shall be responsible to take care of the ward and take him/ her temporarily from the hostel. In case the local guardian fails to take the responsibility of the ward within stipulated time, the management will not be responsible for the well being of the student.
  19. In case of change of Local Guardian or change of contact details/ address of Local Guardian/ Parents, the Hostel Warden should be informed in writing by the student.
  20. Any assignments/ duties as assigned by the Hostel Warden must be completed as instructed.
  21. Students must adhere to the timings and uniform code of the dining room.
  22. Carrying food or beverage outside the dining hall is not permitted.
  23. The hostel management reserves the right to revise “The Code of Conduct” from time to time and the changes will be informed in form of notice on the hostel notice boards. Ignorance of rules will not be accepted.