Women Harassment

As per the requirements of government of India rules regarding the formation of Sexual Harassment Committee, I within my authority as the Head of the Institution is carrying out the following amendment in the committee by adding an external member to the committee already formulated as per the office order no. IHM/B-45/2014/2113 dated 31st March, 2014.

  1. Dr. Anshu Singh, Chairman
  2. Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta, Member
  3. Mrs. Anita Sharma, Member
  4. Mrs. Meenakshi Sumbly, Member
  5. Ms. Nimisha Seth, Member
  6. Mr. Rajesh Bansal, Member
  7. Ms. Manju Bala, Member
  8. Ms. Romadeba, External Member

Kamal Kant Pant