Saturday, July 20, 2024
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About IHM Pusa

The Institute of hotel management catering and nutrition, Pusa is one of the premier hospitality institution of india providing quality hospitality education at under graduate, graduate and post graduate levels. The institute comes under the aegis of Ministry Of Tourism, Government of India.

Situated in the lush green areas of Pusa, the campus had been established in the year 1962 and is standing tall and strong. The institute has been awarded as the best hotel management institute in the country consecutively for six times in a row by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. The institute also has been recipient of many such prestigious laurels over the years.

The institute has also witnessed many international level exposure with respect to chef training programs etc. Following and also with an aim of instilling the concept of sustainability in the future of the country, TRAS (THINK RESPONSIBLE AND ACT SUSTAINABLE) is a program which we strictly adhere to, and have subsequently adopted many eco-friendly measures to conserve the natural resources.


  • Enroll the brightest talent and hone it by offering unparalleled learning opportunities.
  • Attract and retain the most competent educators and nurture them to consistently benchmark the hospitality education.
  • To engage with the alumni to steer the institution towards newer heights.
  • To catalyze useful research in the hospitality industry by facilitating the synergy between the industry and the academia.


  • Respect for one and all
  • Learning organization
  • Practice before preaching
  • Entreprenueral mindset
  • Academic rigor
  • Tras
  • Diversity and teamwork


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