Volume III (2017)

  1. Gender Wise Distribution of Body Composition, Blood Pressure and Haemoglobin Among Students of Hotel Management Institute in India: A Pilot Study…….. Alok Shivapuri, Anshu Singh and Sakshi Sharma (Click Here)
  2. A Study on Career Progression for Women in Hotel Industry: Current Scenario …….. Bashir Vandana Rawat, Prerna Nandwani and Rakesh Kataria (Click Here)
  3. The Growth due to Innovations in the Hotel Industry and the Effect on the Sustainability of the Industry ……..Digvijay Singh Rana (Click Here)
  4. A Study on Assessment of Environmental Practices and Awareness Level of Hospitality Students Generated by TRAS Program ……..Rajesh Nautiyal and Nimisha Seth (Click Here)
  5. Study of Hospitality Skills among Banquet Employees in 5 Star Hotels……..Tushar Gupta (Click Here)
  6. A Study on Various Employee Engagement Programs for Newly Inducted Hoteliers ……..Kodaganti Vamshi Naidu (Click Here)
  7. Employee Retention Parameters: A Case Study of Hotel Dolphin, Digha …….. Jahiruddin Halder (Click Here)
  8. Perception of Housekeeping as a Career amongst Hotel Manangement Students…….. Ishroop Kaur Sachdev and Savita (Click Here)
  9. Changing Perception of Career Choice among Hospitality Students…….. Raj Kumar Gupta and Rajesh Nautiyal (Click Here)
  10. Application of Six-Sigma Techniques to Human Capital Management in Hotels …….. Aniket Trivedi (Click Here)
  11. Effect Of Demonetization And Its Impact On Students Staying Away From Home …….. Meenakshi Sumbly, Prashant Sharma and Attendra Sharma (Click Here)
  12. Importance Of Research As A Subject In Hospitality Undergraduate Courses …….. Amarjeet Kundu, Raunak Arora and Attendra Sharma (Click Here)
  13. Development Of Calcium Rich Vegan Chocolate Tea Cake For Adolescents ……..Divya Bose, Adity and Anurag Ray (Click Here)